Understanding the First Six Zodiac Signs

What is the relationship between zodiac signs and astrology signs? It’s fun and interesting to know about your zodiac sign. Through this, you can understand yourself better and also others. You might agree or disagree about the meaning of your zodiac sign. The thing is, when you agree, you will feel happy to know and understand your inner self. So, here’s a list of the zodiac signs.

Aquarius. The ones with this zodiac sign were born January 20 until February 18. What are the common characteristics or traits of a person with this zodiac sign? They are independent. They make sure that their works always progress. They are original or unique. That’s their strengths. What about their weaknesses? They are aloof, short-tempered, and uncompromising.

Pisces. They are born on February 19 to March 20. A person with this zodiac sign is gentle, artistic, compassionate, wise, and a music lover. They have the tendency to be a martyr, giving all their trust, and the want to escape reality.

Aries.March 21 to April 19 is their date of birth. They are confident, positive, honest, and courageous. On the other hand, they are moody, impatient, and easily angered.

Taurus. April 20  to May 20 is their date of birth. They are known to have the best zodiac sign because they almost possess all good traits.

Gemini. Their date of birth is May 21 to June 20. They are always curious as well as gentle and easily adapt a new environment. However, they are inconsistent and has a difficulty in decision-making.

Cancer. June 21 to July 22 is their birth date. They have a high imagination, emotional, and persuasive. However, they are also manipulative, moody, and pessimistic.