The Astrological Birth Chart in the Ancient Times and Today

Horoscopes are related to astrology. A chart known as the “birth chart” or “natal chart”  is used to explain the things that are happening in your life today and things to happen in the future. Do you want to calculate your birth chart? In astrology, it is believed that we, ourselves is the energy. Planets and stars including the sun serves as the sign to predict the things to happen in our life.

Every planet is believed to be a correspondent of a certain and particular type of energy. What does the sun indicates in particular? Simply, it indicates about our own self and the things we are to develop in us. It is known as the “sun sign”. The astrological birth chart is actually combined together with the sun. So, the movements of the planets is combined with the sun. Let us have a more in-depth study and understanding about the birth chart and the zodiac signs.

Taurus. Those who were born this time are always careful and have a self-control which which they never hurry. They value their life and make sure to be aware about their life’s value.

Leo. They serve as the light for other people. They make sure that others don’t recognize or take notice about their need.

Aries. They make sure to give way to others rather than letting themselves to be first.


Gemini. They give real information  to others. They make sure that the information they share is true so that others can depend on them and trust them.

Libra. They always want peace and harmony.